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COVID-19 - We are committed to the safety of our customers and follow all government advice to provide a safe workplace. Find Out More


Unprecedented times we live in and no doubt a challenge for us all whom rely on face to face contact with our customers every day. Like you we are considering how we continue to serve our customers without exposing our staff and or our customers to undue risks. 

We are committed to continuing to serve our customers as best we can and have ensured we are following all available government advice in how we provide a safe workplace.  These measures based on the up to date advice (which changes daily and we adapt accordingly), we have:

We hope the above gives you some comfort of our actions.

As this situation evolves we are sure there will be plenty more updates from government departments that we should consider.  In the interim we trust that you, your work colleagues and family remain safe and well.

Hany Michaels